Thong Patek proudly to present Paul Design watch winders from England.
The luxurious, durable, and modern look with full functions.

Features of PAUL DESIGN

  1. Unlock with fingerprints at 5 maximum of print
  2. Control with Remote and LED Touch Screen
  3. Support automatic and manually wind
  4. 2 years Guarantee

Many of you may never realize that watch winders of Patek Philippe, the world’s NO.1 brand of watches, has put its trust on a company in Thailand to create watch winders for Patek Philippe. With our high quality, refinement, and reasonable prices, Thailand has been the manufacturer of winders for a great number of world-class brands, e.g., Rolex, Hermes, etc.

Regarding our watch winder manufacturing, we conduct it in Thailand. Our manufacturing is not different from that for world-class brands.The wood is made of genuine mahogany. The texture is coated by the use of hi-gross technology to prevent scratches. The

Features of Thong Patek

  1. All of our winders are made of genuine mahogany.
  2. The texture is coated by the use of hi-gross technology to prevent scratches, with luxurious look.
  3. The winder front is made of an extra curved and transparent acrylic, through which your watch can be seen while rotating.
  4. The motor used is high quality, durable, and silent.
  5. A special property of TIMMERfor periodical pause of the winders in order to save power.
  6. The key is provided for each winder for security.
  7. 9 years Guarantee